We manufacture brushes for cleaning and special sweeping

Industrial brushes we manufacture are specific models for cleaning and sweeping, are designed and manufactured according to your final use needs, becoming an optimal tool for their application. Special sweeps include cleaning of small particles or bigger items such as golf balls, cans, etc. On smooth surfaces such as glass or steel sheets, rugged such as sidewalks and patios, irregular such as asphalt roads and delicate such as gardens and surfaces with specific finishing.

Considering use an application of each brush, we determine the shape, base material, one or more filaments to be used, its braiding, to ensure an ideal model according to your needs.

Filaments used on each model depend on the requirements, from natural fibers such as Ixtle (Tampico fiber), animal fibers such as pig bristle, horse tail, Palmira and above all synthetic monofilaments of other types such as polymers, abrasive filaments and metal filaments.

Profiles, calibers, colors and approvals also depend of the needs, type of equipment or tool to be used, revolutions per minute, pressure, temperature and all other characteristics determined by use and application.

Shapes come from wheels, discs, cylinders, flat rectangular, radial, linear. We can place the filament perpendicular to the surface of the brush or with an angle as required. We have a line of segmented brushes, where necessary units of brush are aligning to the shaft to complete total brushing length, providing flexibility when working with variable lengths of brush.