ANTICATO allows reaching with greater quality the amazing antiquing finishing

ANTICATO finishing looks to create in surfaces the rustic appearance of old materials, aged by time. Our abrasive brush line for ANTICATO allows reaching with greater quality the amazing antiquing finishing, in marble, granite, terrazzo, rubble, concrete, wood, etc. Eliminates use of acids and other agents damaging materials. A plus of this finishing is to get greater advantage of materials with veins, of recovery or with hue diversity challenges.

ANTICATO brush works on surface of material trimming deeply softer components, providing an attractive relief dependant on conformation of material, each brushed piece is unique contributing to the embellishment of final work.

This finishing also known as brushing can be worked with manual tools or continual polishing lines. Our brush line MAVICO for ANTICATO has all shapes of standard brushes and necessary accessories to work automatically and manually.


Abrasive Filament or Bristle Brushes

Series has 9 steps ranging from grain 36, 46, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 500 and 1000, but this disposition of brushes is not mandatory, this means, grains can be omitted or repeated according to the material and intended finishing; and the equipment to be used. Other important matters to consider are pressure and speed of work.

  • Flickert.
  • Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt Plus.
  • Circular Snail Brush. 4" right diameter (bevel machine).
  • Circular Snail Brush. 5" right and left diameter ( bevel machine).
  • Circular Standard Brush 5 1/2" of diameter. Using metal adapter of 5/8" thread.
  • Circular thread included. 4" of diameter. Base has thread of 5/8".

Note: we can manufacture abrasive filament brushes according clients needs. See chart.

Trapezoidal shape used in granite polishers
Frankfurt Plus
Trapezoidal shape with larger contact area.
Trapezoidal, usual plate appliance on elbow and floor continuos polishers
Circular Snail Brush
4” y 5” diameters, requires de use of snail fast adaptor (snail lock).
Circular Standard brush
5 1/2” diameter, uses standard nut similar to cut discs, with 5/8” or 14 mm mount hole.
Circular thread included
4” diameter, doesn't require adaptor, with 5/8”, 3/4” or 14 mm mount hole.